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October 5, 2015



County Launches ‘Bringing Mecklenburg County To You’ Website

Renovation is underway for Phase I of the Bringing Mecklenburg County to You (BMC2U) facilities master plan, and now there is a website where you can track the progress of the effort.

Just click the link on the front page of, and you will find the latest about the impending relocation of LUESA, the coming relocation of MEDIC, and eventual plan for DSS and other County departments and services.

Updates include videos explaining the plan, weekly progress updates and pictures from the work at LUESA's new home at 2145 Suttle Avenue.
Bringing Healthier Choices to You

Earlier this year, I asked for employees’ feedback on food and beverage options currently offered in County vending machines and at County meetings and events. Of the employees that responded, 89 percent said that they were supportive of healthier options being offered. And, most employees reported that access to healthier options would support their efforts to lead healthier lifestyles.

Now, in response to the feedback, we’re “Bringing Healthier Choices to You” through a new Healthy Vending and Food Policy. As part of the new policy all meals provided at County events will include healthy options and our vending contracts will be renegotiated to offer a larger variety of healthy food choices. I’m excited to present this healthy initiative that, along with free membership to Park and Recreation fitness centers and the smoke-free grounds regulations, creates a healthier workplace.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Marcus Plescia at 980-314-9020 or
Park and Recreation Presents Master Plan at Board Meeting

At the Oct. 6 Board meeting, you will receive a presentation on Park and Recreation’s updated comprehensive master plan and be asked to endorse several findings and recommendations that were gathered over the past year.

The master plan, which was originally adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in 2008, includes information on facility standards, programming, a random household community survey, land acquisition and more.   

The updated plan has been approved by all 10 sub-advisory councils of the department as well as the Park and Recreation Commission.
Commissioner Leake to Host Town Hall Meeting for Seniors

Commissioner Vilma Leake will host a town hall meeting for seniors on Monday, Oct. 19, 10 a.m. to noon, at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 E. 4th St.

Several County department directors and other speakers will be present to discuss parks and greenways, property taxes and valuation, Health Department services, options for voting, social services and more.

For more information, contact LaShonda Hart at 980-314-2906 or

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