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Male Engagement​

​Male engagement is pivotal to turn the tide of violence of women and girls. Men need to understand that help is available if they are being abused.  .


Man To Man Charlotte is a candid conversation on the third Saturday of every month at Bubba's B​BQ designed to help men on three fronts:

  1. Understand that it is okay to ask for help if they are being abused themselves, Help is available
  2. Do not retaliate if you are being abused because the likelihood of your being arrested is real
  3. Most men are not abusers. Man To Man Charlotte is a safe place for men to learn how to be a part of the solution instead of observers

10 Good Men
10 Good Men is a grassroot effort to identify 10 men willing to be trained as an Active Bystander. The goal is to have these 10 Good Men take it to 10 men in their network of infiluence, so 10 becomes 100 and 100 becomes 1,000 Good Men.