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​​Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange Center (SVSE)





The SVSE is a supervised visitation and safe exchange center developed to prevent violence from occurring between family members during the exchange or visitation of children.

puzzle piece.PNGCenter Mission:

To provide a safe, secure environment for the exchange or supervised visitation between children and their parents.

Center Objective:

To increase safety for adult and child victims of domestic violence while decreasing opportunities for further abuse before, during and after services. 


For additional information, please call 980-314-8680.



  • Court Referrals ( Domestic Violence Civil Court, Domestic Violence Criminal Court, Domestic Court)



  1. Call to request service - 980-314-8680.
  2. Parent intake/orientation
  3. Child orientation
  4. Visitation schedule *Supervised visits are scheduled for specific dates and times 



Valerie C. Woodard Center

3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 2000

Charlotte, NC 28208



FAQ revised 1-19.pdf Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Center Frequently Asked Questions

close alertCounty services are operating at a limited capacity. Questions about COVID-19? Call Public Health Hotline: 980-314-9400