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​Resources for Businesses

count on vaccines to bring us closer

COVID-SAFE Business Certification Program

Thank you to all the business owners and managers who took the online training course in 2022 to learn about workplace COVID-19 safety practices and get a COVID-SAFE Business certification. Your certification is valid through 2023. Check your email for the monthly newsletter and instructions for accessing your certificate, employee attestation, and other printable materials online. 

COVID-19 Cost Calculator

The National Safety Council's COVID-19 cost calculator for employers helps employers understand the real costs of COVID-19 for their business. Enter information about your business into the tool to see how much you spend per employee during an outbreak with and without mitigations like a new ventilation system and personal protective equipment. This powerful safety tool helps you estimate the costs to your company of an infectious disease, like COVID-19 or flu, and identify how much you could save by implementing a mitigation strategy.

Signage for Your Building

Print these useful safety signs and post them in your building:


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